ep. 4

Declaring a Major

An Interview with Lawrence Lenihan

Venture Capital Industry veteran, Lawrence Lenihan, takes us on a journey through his childhood, venture investing & launching his own brands from start to finish.  He associates the early days of venture capital investing with Bubba Gump shrimping, explains why you cannot drive the car from the backseat and explains the importance today of "declaring a major."

Lawrence Lenihan is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Resonance, a venture operating company that invests in early-stage fashion brands. Prior to Resonance, Lawrence founded FirstMark Capital, an early stage venture capital firm whose portfolio investments included early bets on Pinterest, Shopify, Tommy John and other brands and technology-based solutions for retail, fashion and other industries. He is the Chairman of Norisol Ferrari, an ultra high-end luxury brand for women and has been a Professor of Entrepreneurship and NYU’s Stern School of Business.


  • Tony

    Great post!

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    Thanks for the insights!

  • Hannah

    I saw Lawrence speak at a conference!!! love his insight.

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